Change EPG123 from Client To Server

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Change EPG123 from Client To Server


Post by ednigma » Tue Dec 14, 2021 3:11 am

My main system suffered a motherboard failure and cannot boot anymore. It was acting as the EPG123 server for 2+ years. While I figure out what to do about repairing it (old MB with Win8.1 media center), my 2 EPG123 client guides are about 4 days from expiring. Do I have to reinstall EPG123 in server mode on one of my clients (is it possible to switch modes without reinstall), can I save the lineup config? Do I uninstall EPG123 and start over? I'm using Schedules Direct.

Thanks in advance for any guidance


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Post by garyan2 » Tue Dec 14, 2021 3:20 am

You will have to run the installer on one of your other machines to install the server component if you originally installed the client only. If you can get the configuration file (c:\programdata\garyan2\epg123\epg123.cfg) off the old computer's harddrive, just place it in the same location on the "new" computer and you won't have to configure it again.

For all computers, you will have to delete the current scheduled task to perform the proper operations. For the computer that is the server now, you will have to create a new task to create the mxf file and import into WMC (full mode in the client). For the other client(s), you will have to create a new task to point to the new server.
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