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Intermittent Album Art in Windows 11

Posted: Tue Oct 26, 2021 11:19 am
by Kusaywa
I have a pretty large music library, all in flac. I use WMP Tag Plus so that WMP/WMC will properly read the flac tags. Each file has an embedded 600x600 album art as well as a folder.jpg in each folder at 600x600. I'm currently using Windows 11 but later versions of Windows 10 caused the same problem. It seems after a restart, if I enter WMC and go directly to Music sorted by Album Artist, the Album Art will show. If I enter Movies (or some other function) if I go back t Music, the Album Art doesn't show, just the generic art. I don't remember having this problem in earlier versions of Windows 10, just the later versions. Also, I noticed Album Art is downloaded to C:\Users\*******\AppData\Local\Microsoft\ehome\Art Cache at my original 600x600 art. So WMC has a few areas to pull the Album Art from but it still doesn't show up. Is it because the Album Art is too big? I know WMP/WMC shrink the Album Art to 200x200 but I prevent that with a regedit and during setup of WMP. Looking for any help with this. Thanks