Unable to get 5 tuners working using TWEAK 3 South 2 West

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Unable to get 5 tuners working using TWEAK 3 South 2 West


Post by Sparkydude » Sat Aug 14, 2021 9:34 pm

I have 1 Hauppauge and a HDHR2 facing South each with their own antenna. I have a 2nd HDR2 facing West with its own antenna.

I had this working before, same hardware, but fresh install of Windows 21H1
I have tried at least 10 times without success to get all 5 tuners configured and working with EPG123 and WMC-V8.8.5
I have tried EPG V1.6.6.0, V1.6.7.3 and now on EPG V1.6.7.0

I am using the TWEAK setting in EPG123.
Sometime after 1st WMC set up I get 20 stations
On 2nd pass 5 stations
When all done only 5 stations

Most of the times:
When I take the default configuration on WMC on both passes I get Both HDHR2 4-tuners but not the Hauppauge tuner
I have made many many attempts. I found some of my old notes on setup and had the best hope for the following sequence.
But it was a failure - only the West facing HDHR2 tuners was active in WMC but EPG123 sees all 60 channels
2021-08-11 DUPLICATE EPG123 SETUP SEQUENCE that I had working before
2020-10-18 EPG123+WMC setup with proper priorities

Multiple Tuner Priority Workaround
Fortunately there is a workaround: during TV Setup, when you are asked which tuner to use, leave selected only one (the one that will be the primary) and finish the procedure, then when you are asked to add more channel reply Yes, and repeat the procedure again and again, for all the tuners.
The tuner priorities will be set in the order that you setup the tuners.

C:\WMC-V8.8.5\_TestRights.cmd as admin
_TestRights.cmd as admin
Run InstallerBlue.cmd script as administrator to install the pack; WAIT press key to exit
5) reboot; click on WMC it starts
uninstall and reinstall
install epg123Setup_v1.6.7.0.zip; server and client;reboot

1st pass manual with only Hauppauge+2x 104E88B0( Zip=44413 East Palestine
2nd pass manual with only 2x tuner facing OH 1A76 Zip=44413 East Palestine

EPG123 Client;tweak WMC;increase limit 32+;close;
click step 1 -Client setup+automatic; wait !
WMC opens; express
live TV setup TV signal Zip=44413;I dont agree;downloading-failed;examing tv signal
It detected 4 ATSC+1 cable
let me configure
Hauppague + 2 104E88B0 - unselect both 1046a176 tuners; setup another -NO;
digital antenna ATSC 3 tuners
20 channels; finish; close (remember only desktop antenna on hauppauge this time)
close WMC
--2nd time only select the 2x tuners facing OHIO
EPG123 ;appears to be 6 tuners TVsetup again;YES
setup TV signal;44413 East Palestine;I dont agree;examing tv signal
It detected 4 ATSC+ 1 cable
let me configure
Select OH only 2x 10461A76; setup another -NO; 2 tuners;
found 64 channels; finish;
close WMC
6 tuners seen - setup again? NO

Configure epg123 starts
left - lineups
select air broadcast 44413
nothing is selectable
nothing saved
setup is complete
EPG123 Client Guide Tool v1.6.70 launches automatically
now stations area in the left column - probably all 60 detected
Close EPG

restart computer
WMC only have 65 stations in Guide but when I edit the sources, only tuners source is from 10461A76 facing WEST, not HDHR or Hauppauge facing South

MACRIUM live BACKUP to MyPassport 21GB

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Post by garyan2 » Sat Aug 14, 2021 11:34 pm

1. Start [Client Setup] from EPG123 Client.
2. Click [Step 1: Clean Start] button to delete existing database and build a new one.
3. [Step 2: TV Setup]
* Select 'I do not agree' to Program Guide Terms of Service.
* Select 'I do not agree' to Install PlayReady if prompted.
* Select 'No' to Update TV Setup Data if prompted.
* Click [Cancel] during Examining TV Signals and then 'Let me configure my TV signal manually'
* Select 'Antenna', you should then see all 5 ATSC tuners available (and checked)
* Uncheck the West facing tuners and click [Next]
* Select 'Yes' to set up another TV signal
* Select 'Antenna', you should then only see only the 2 West facing tuners
* Click [Next]
* Proceed with TV Setup as normal; it will scan the South tuners and West tuners separately (and at the same time).
4. Once everything is complete...
* if you need to add VHF channels, open the client and click the green '+' button to add channels
* if you need to merge channels, highlight channels to merge, right-click and select 'Merge Channels'

No need to uninstall/reinstall epg123... pretty much ever.
No need to manually apply Tweak for 32 tuners if you perform [Client Setup], it is applied automatically.
When you run TV Setup, all tuners you want to use must be done at the same time - unless you want to do some hacky stuff which I don't recommend.
- Gary
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Post by Sparkydude » Sun Aug 15, 2021 1:33 pm

A BIG THANK YOU Garyan2 - that was the winning sequence

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