Drag Drop WMC configuration for replacement machine?

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Drag Drop WMC configuration for replacement machine?


Post by gumshoenoir » Thu Jan 28, 2021 1:38 am

Is it possible for a lazy person such as myself to setup WMC on a new, nearly identical, machine with a drag and drop of a directory tree on the old machine to the new machine? Perhaps after installing epg123 on the new, but not running through the WMC and epg123 setup?

There are two HdHomeRun quatro Tunners on the same network along with the old and new machines. There is a Linksys extender on the network too.

Machine old
Windows 7 ultimate sp1 64bit 6 gig ram with some unmatched ram brands - that never caused a problem... (?before?)
Ran/runs great for years but subsequent to Add Additional Quatro, Setup Data Not Found back in September when I also upgraded to a 2 gig drive using macrium reflect and removed a couple tuner cards, it's had an, all to often, abnormal termination (abend) of the app / OS without a blue screen of death. I also watch Netflix, hulu etc on this same machine during this streaming the machine never abends. When a WMC playback abends I then successfully watch the show with windows media player. I'm 97% sure that when I watch some shows with the extender the extender abends but the WMC server doesn't crash. Kinda weird ehh? I did order up some new matched vendor RAM for this old machine that has been adequate so I'm hoping to use it as I could use the newer machine for other projects... Stability of my WMC is paramount! :-) - unless Ther's a way to use a SchedulesDirect in lieu of a exorbitantly priced PlexPass....

Machine new
Windows 7 ultimate sp1 64bit
Newer i5 cpu with 6 gig of matched ram.
installed from win 7 usb .iso this morning. Installed updates.

- Jeff

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Post by IT Troll » Fri Jan 29, 2021 6:33 pm

You'll find more info in the EPG123 subforum. I believe you still have to go through the initial TV (tuner) setup but you can then use the backup/restore function to skip much of the remaining setup.
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