Loadmxf logic/expected actions

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Loadmxf logic/expected actions


Post by prsa01 » Mon Feb 10, 2020 4:50 pm

Tried searching, not even sure the best way to word the question(s).

Basically wondering if the community ever determined what logic loadmxf uses when run.
Does it:
o Blindly replace everything?
o Only replace non-existing(new) entries
o Use some sort of "updated"/"changed" flagging to determine what to replace?

As I test different guide sources, I am trying to determine what I expect to see in WMC for changes.

What mechanism ties/links/maps the WMC channels to source guide data channels if loadmxf is used? Channel ID? Number? Name? Other?

Thanks much guys!


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Post by Space » Tue Feb 11, 2020 12:34 am

I honestly don't know, but from what I have read here on the forums, and from my own observations, the normal Microsoft update (as well as the EPG123 update) will download/create the FULL guide update file and then use that to update the WMC DB. To do this it compares the existing guide to the downloaded FULL guide and only updates the things that have changed.

So if your WMC DB is "empty", a normal update will populate the full guide, but if you already have a WMC DB that has older guide data, the update will only update stuff that has changed.

I'll leave others to explain HOW it does this update, as I don't really know the details. I do know that there is a bug (bugs?) that make it so that certain entries in the DB sometimes don't get updated, even though the change IS in the downloaded/created update file.

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