VISTA Media Center - disable remote?

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VISTA Media Center - disable remote?


Post by jkljkl72 » Thu Sep 17, 2015 3:00 am

I gave up on trying to get my Vista WMC to get guide listings and switched to NextPVR.
What I need now is to disable the Media Center from being activated by my remote.
I don't want to fully disable either my remote or Media Center just make Media Center not react to the remote.
Any one have an idea?

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Post by Vistaar » Thu Sep 17, 2015 1:24 pm

If you want to use a Media Center remote with your Media Center PC without disabling Media Center, then you should've installed TV Pack 2008. The "VISTA WMC Stuck on Zap2it" thread is nearby.

I did not ignore your recent questions in the megathread; in fact I spent considerable time puzzling over this yesterday, and disregarded a majority of the Republican debate last night (no real sacrifice there ;) ), but I did not find a satisfactory solution. Vista WMC can be disabled via Control Panel > Default Programs > Set program access and computer defaults, but pressing the green button would then give you the pesky notification attached below (in addition to opening NextPVR). Lao Pan's suggestion to rename ehtray.exe might have the desired effect, but I haven't tried it. Now if you had a client (rather like a network extender) with IR near the TV, running NextPVR (or perhaps Kodi) but not WMC, and used the Vista PC as a NextPVR server in another location, then you could obviously use your Media Center remote without disabling WMC on the server.

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