Using BladeRunnerPro for XP & Vista Guide Data

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Using BladeRunnerPro for XP & Vista Guide Data


Post by tinkerer103 » Mon Aug 10, 2015 4:06 pm

I am currently using bladerunnerpro on xpmce with little issues.(it was also designed for use in vista)

originally developed back in 2005 for use in Australia and other countries where native EPG didn't work

still available here: ...

under tvxb's page there is instructions as well about installation

the folowing are my additional installation notes

after install run the configurator program, add a grabber, remove the hdit command from the preprocess section and run bladerunner.

note you will have to manually edit your channelinfo.xml file in notepad.
so that the channel id's line up with the channel id's in your xmltv file

also note that bladerunner looks in the c:\windows\ehome\bladerunnerpro\guidedata folder for xmltv.xml
also blade runner looks for a file called xmltv.dtd in the guidedata folder this basicly needs to be a nearly blank xmltv dtd file

Code: Select all

    <!-- DTD for TV listings



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