BladeRunner 3.5 Question

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BladeRunner 3.5 Question


Post by wmcLover45 » Sat Mar 27, 2021 11:08 am

Not sure if anyone here would know the answer, but when you run BladeRunnerPro, it encrypts the Guide.bin file. You end up with a HASH and EncryptionKey to extract it. My question is, if I wanted to "manually" encrypt a file the same way, how would you go about it? Is there an encryption utility to do it?

It outputs the below example:

Code: Select all

  <EncryptionKey xmlns="">fqePIvXbcbI=</EncryptionKey>
  <Hash xmlns="">G2dZlicoCP+qt3myZu5zIw==</Hash>
I want to manually generate the encrypted Guide.bin, but I don't know how to encrypt it? Any thoughts?

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