ATSC QUAD tuner suggestion for WMC7 + Ceton ITV6

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Paul Anderegg

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ATSC QUAD tuner suggestion for WMC7 + Ceton ITV6


Post by Paul Anderegg » Mon Jun 14, 2021 3:19 am

Have a Ceton InfiniTV6 in my Windows 7 PC running WMC. Cox Cable just transitioned to transcoding all cable TV to 720p, so I want to add an OTA tuner to my system to allow OTA channels to be recorded alongside my Ceton doing its Cox thing. My OTA antenna is positioned as of now receives all local stations with no drop-outs, connected to my TV. Want advice on what tuner to put in my rig that would actually record up to 4 OTA at the same time in WMC, and not have weird issues or tuner conflicts with a Ceton. I also have a free LAN cable out of my nearby router.

Doesn't have to be new, would even prefer a PCIE solution, and the 4K Quatro is in my price range, although I don't have a need for utilizing it's ATSC 3.0 capabilities ever. I have never shopped for ATCS tuners, so I am starting from scratch here and am not up to date on the older stuff that may still work fine for my application.


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