Painfully slow 30 second skip

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Painfully slow 30 second skip


Post by mpcookson » Sat Jun 06, 2020 1:28 pm

I've been running Windows 7 with Media Center and an Xbox 360 for years without a problem (pretty much as soon as the Xbox 360 came out, had WMC since XP). I have the SiliconDust Connect Quatro for over the air TV. Recently, but I don't know exactly when, the 30 second skip button seems to take nearly 30 seconds to work. You press it and the screen freezes and about 20 seconds later it skips forward, but since so much time has elapsed, it's more like a 5-10 second skip. The backwards skip button is nearly as slow and equally problematic. The fast forward and rewind buttons are nearly useless. The problem is limited to the Xbox 360, watching directly on the Media Center PC is super speedy, and a Ceton Echo seems to work normally.

Any ideas? I don't recall an Xbox update any time recently and the Media Center PC has updates turned off to prevent automatic updates from causing problems (it's behind a firewall).


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