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Posted: Thu Dec 20, 2012 10:55 pm
by adam1991
makryger wrote:i thought the whole alien premise in crystal skull was stupid... the rest was fun.
I was quite happy to suspend my disbelief right from the beginning, as Spielberg's intro was *exactly* what it should have been. The trademark shadow Indy (putting on his hat), so you *know* who that is; the warehouse doors with the big "51" on them, and so on. The first few minutes were great.

I knew right away this film was made by someone who cared, and not MegaloCorp Film Studios trying to squeeze cash out of suckers.

Unfortunately, I've ever *only* seen it on the small screen--because when it came out I didn't go see it, figuring by default it must have been schlock put out to squeeze cash out of suckers...


Posted: Tue Feb 05, 2013 11:33 am
by Crispy
Has anyone seen the 'despecialized' versions of Star Wars? A fan has painstakingly removed all the poor additions Lucas added in his 'Special Edition' versions to create 720p, 5.1 versions of the original trilogy. You can read about it here: ... tion/2917/


Posted: Tue Feb 05, 2013 9:43 pm
by barnabas1969
This is a funny thread. When I was a kid, and the first three (or would that be middle three?) movies came out, all my friends talked about them constantly, like they were the best movies ever made. I never saw them as a kid. I finally saw them when I was in my 20's or 30's. What crap! It was difficult to watch them all the way through.

I've seen the "prequels" too. They're better, but still not my cup of tea. I love Star Trek, but can't say the same thing for Star Wars.

I'm not a big fan of the LOTR trilogy either. They just dragged on, and on, and on. I think if the film editor had left half of those movies on the clipping room floor, they would have been better.

I love Indiana Jones though.

EDIT: This has nothing to do with Star Wars, but I hated "2001: A Space Odyssey", and "AI" too. Awful movies. Time spent that I'll never get back!


Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2013 12:12 am
by newfiend
barnabas1969 wrote: I finally saw them when I was in my 20's or 30's. What crap!!
Dude!! why ya gotta beat up my inner 7yr old?!?! :cry:
Star Wars was made for kids... I saw it when I was 7yrs old (1977...yeah I'm old) and it was AWESOME! The special effects for that time were nothing short of amazing. Regardless if you liked it or hated it, without it movies today wouldn't have the dynamic effects they do. George Lucas Pioneered special effects development because of those movies. I for one love Star Wars. I'm not a fan of the prequel's but I'm glad he at least finished (most) of the story. It's not everyone's cup of tea I know but It sure made movies today a heck of a lot better thanks to Industrial Light and Magic and Skywalker Sound. THX sound system anyone?


Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2013 1:53 pm
by barnabas1969
You and I are about the same age, Curt (Newfiend). I was born in 1969 (hence my username).


Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2013 6:00 pm
by newfiend
I figured about the name.. If I had seen star wars at 20 I doubt it would have had the impact on me it did at age 7. I didn't have any siblings so I spent a lot of time playing with my toys as a kid and watching tv shows. (Battlestar Galactica, Knight Rider.. Etc.) was hooked on space type shows with Logan's Run prior to Star Wars. Always liked Si-Fi shows and I just latched onto SW and had the books and toys etc. They aren't the best movies ever made but they are classics IMO. They have a huge following and for them to still be making toys and tv shows (The Clone Wars) in this day and age and it's still as popular as ever has to say something for the franchise. So ya.. I'm a huge dork.. Love Star Wars and computers.. Look up nerd in the dictionary and there will be a picture of me there... LOL

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Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2013 6:11 pm
by barnabas1969
I like SciFi too. Battlestar Galactica was good. Logan's Run was a great movie. Not sure how old I was when I saw Logan's Run. I saw it when it was first aired on TV.

Since I was in my 20's (and had more self-confidence than I had in high school), I've said that I'm a geek and I'm proud of it.

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