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Programming my Yamaha reciever AVR rx465 with RCAP05BR

Posted: Sun Dec 26, 2021 4:30 pm
by stevethebrain
programming my yamaha reciever AVR rx465 with RCAP05BR.

I’ve had the RCA remote in the past.due to the Yamaha have power on button & power off button. If I remember correctly I used the learn function,I think I used the live button for turning on the yamamha AVR and the main power button for off.

I’ve managed to power AVR off w/ a 4 digit code still unsure of powering on,
however thats the only working function so far, I tryed adjusting the volume on the yamaha nothing happened however the samsung TV did adjust it's volume (part2 ?) I believe the RCA will be required to lock the volume so only the yamaha adjust volume.

thanks for advice.