Ceton Echo General Troubleshooting

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Ceton Echo General Troubleshooting


Post by Motz » Fri Nov 30, 2012 1:20 am

So a few troubleshooting this that I have written up from the beta and also people that just got theirs. This will soon be posted on the site and knowledgebase as well.

Issue: My Echo updates to X% and then reboots.
Solution: While we have tested the Echo against a large amount of routers and switches there might still be some incompatibilities. If you are using a switch please try a different switch first or a direct connection with the router. This usually solves any update issues that are occurring.

Issue: My Echo updated fine,but will not establish a link with my Windows Media Center PC.
Solution: Please ensure that DHCP is enabled on your router as this is usually the issue.

Issue: The volume buttons don't do anything.
Solution: Media Center Extenders only have control over Mute when it comes to volume, in a future update HDMI CEC will be enabled which will allow you to control your TV or AVR's volume if HDMI CEC is supported by those devices.

Issue: I installed the Echo Settings plugin, but it is not showing up on my Echo?
Solution: In some instances if Echo or WMC is open during the plugin installation you might not see the plug. First restart both WMC on your HTPC and also reboot the Echo. If it still does not show up please follow these steps:
1.) Turn off Echo
2.) Close Windows Media Center on your PC
3.) Uninstall the "Ceton Echo plugin" on your HTPC by going to Computer->Uninstall or change a program -> Ceton Echo
4.) Re-install the Ceton Echo plugin (ensure you have the latest version).
5.) Turn on Echo.

Issue: I have my Echo hooked up to a 1080p TV, however my TV is reporting 720p
Solution: Please install the Ceton Echo plugin for Windows Media Center. After the installation you can go into the Echo Settings under Video and select 1080p.

Issue: Xbox 360 is being controlled with my Echo Remote:
Solution: The Xbox by default is set to receive both the xbox remote and MCE remote IR input. So on your Xbox you have to go to: Settings -> System -> Console Settings -> Remote Control -> Then select Xbox 360 Media Remote

Issue: I am running Windows 8 and the Echo will not work
Solution: We are working extremely hard to get Windows 8 compatibility. It was our goal to have it for launch however when we listed the echo on the website and on newegg we did not included Windows 8 because we couldn't guarantee it for launch. We are still working extremely hard to get it going on Windows 8 though so keep following and I am sure we will have a big announcement when it does.

For more help see our knowledgebase: http://cetoncorp.com/support/index.php? ... c-extender

Technical Requirement:
-Display with HDMI input
-Wired Ethernet network
-PC with Microsoft® Windows® 7 with Media Center. A PC with a TV tuner is required for TV and DVR features.
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