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Hypothetical Network Tuner Sharing scenario

Posted: Thu Nov 04, 2021 5:57 pm
by Sancho

I've got two HTPCs each with an InfiniTV 4. PC 1 is wired to the LAN, PC 2 has an Archer T6E (AC 1300). PC 3 also has an Archer T6E (AC 1300). The wireless PCs (2 & 3) currently share tuners (2 each). That setup has been in effect for years. Previously I ran older 'N' 450 TP-Links through an Asus RT-N66U on the 5 GHz band and it was rock solid. I recently upgrade my Internet package to 800 Mbps, which necessitated getting a new modem, router (Asus RT-AC86U) and the aforementioned wireless AC NICs.

One problem I've noticed is random pixelation on the non-host PC (3). No problems on the host PC (2). Signals and speeds are strong on both PCs 2 & 3 (I keep the adapters' Status windows open to look for signal and/or speed fluctuations). If I create an ad hoc network for PCs 2 & 3, I can get a clean signal for a 3 hour hockey game (HD); no Internet then, of course, and a PITA to utilize. The Asus was just added to the mix yesterday (replacing a Motorola MR 2600; it's OK, but lesson learned). The Motorola reliable produced the pixelation, and does not have a robust set of features. The Asus was updated with the latest Merlin firmware before I set up and installed it. I've tweaked a few settings, and will give it a test tonight. There are other 5 GHz APs in the neighborhood, but WiFi Info View shows them with weak signals. Still a channel change may be in order. I also ditched my ancient 5.8 GHz phone for a 1.9 GHz.

This got me thinking: what if I share one tuner from PC 1 (wired) and only one from PC 2 (wireless)? Would PC 3 be able to select both those tuners? If so, how could I control which tuner got used?

As I say, this is a hypothetical scenario. Even if it were possible, if the problem persists, I may just switch to sharing one tuner from PC 1 and see how that goes. I rarely record four things at once, and rarer still record two things at once on the client PC (3).

So, just spitballin'. Hopefully there are still a few hardcore Ceton geeks here :-)