Infini Tv PCIe and WMC on Windows11

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Infini Tv PCIe and WMC on Windows11


Post by mrfrenche » Tue Feb 15, 2022 1:16 pm

Hi. First time ever posting. I have been running WMC on Win7 using a Ceton Infini Tv 6 PCIe for something like 11 years now. I planned to keep running Win 7 until it or I died, but my computer may be reaching it's limit. I built a new Ryzen 7 5700G on an Asus ROG Strix B550-F motherboard. I installed Win 11 and tried to install WMC 8.8.4. It seemed to install but would not launch.

Then I found 8.8.5 and it installed easily on the first try. I tried to install my InfiniTv card with my old setup file. Windows 11 informed me that the card could only be installed on Win 7 so then I found a setup and drivers file for Windows 8.1/10 and an updated firmware image file for the InfinTv card. I ran the setup file and it installed perfectly. Device manager sees the Ceton tuner by name and states the device is working properly. Ceton diagnostics runs and checks out the card except that the tuner is not configured for Windows Media Center. WMC will not start live tv setup because it does not detect a tuner. I downloaded the Digital Cable Adviser for WMC and ran it successfully. I also installed the latest Play ready just for good measure. Still no cable card seen by WMC. Ceton diagnostics says to reinstall the drivers and run setup. I did so to no avail.

Finally, I updated the firmware using the image that I found at This was scary. I was afraid that I might brick the tuner card. Nope. Everything is fine. I even reinstalled it in the Win 7 machine and it is fine. Oh ya, I also downloaded and installed EPG123 on the Win 11 machine and imported my lineups form Schedules Direct. No problem except that it won't import to WMC of course since WMC won't set up a tv yet

So i think that if I could find the right driver or maybe hack some dll or reg file WMC would see the tuner and all my dreams would come true. Can anyone help me with this? Or will I have to install Win7 on the new rig? Which would not be the end of the world. Sorry if this post is too long.


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Post by StinkyImp » Tue Feb 15, 2022 3:06 pm

Please see the response at viewtopic.php?p=147161#p147161

For future reference... It's not necessary to post the same request to multiple subs. Someone will see the original post and respond. :thumbup:

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