MMC Not Seeing Extenders Connected to Virtualized WMC

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MMC Not Seeing Extenders Connected to Virtualized WMC


Post by BrianAz » Mon Sep 15, 2014 7:01 am

I'll start off by acknowledging this is a totally unsupported setup I have. However, I know a lot of you here like to give things like this a try and may have experience to share...

I have my Win7 WMC setup in a VM on ESXi. I ran the DCA override and use SiliconDust HDHomerun tuners (one Prime and one Dual). As this is essentially a headless setup, I have an Xbox 360 at every tv working as extenders. Everything is hardwired Cat5e gigabit. I control each with a Harmony remote control. This setup works flawlessly for me.

I've used MMC a bit in the past, when my WMC was a physical machine. At the time, I was able to connect to and control my Xbox 360 extenders from the MMC app. However, now that WMC is virtualized, when I connect MMC to my WMC it tells me there are no devices for playback. All the non-playback/remote features of MMC appear to be working fine. I see all my recordings and can schedule, etc.

I'm not sure what about the virtualization is causing this not to work but it seems like it could be possible to fix since everything but MMC is working as expected in this configuration.

Any thoughts/suggestions?


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