Questions regarding YAMMM

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Questions regarding YAMMM


Post by gphil » Tue Sep 11, 2012 2:53 am

I have a few question regarding the YAMMM program included with the companion app.

I used YAMMM prior to installing the Companion App on my computer and it worked very well for me. Before installing the Companion App, I uninstalled the old version (assuming it's not the same as this new version) that I currently had to avoid any conflicts. The old version that I had had installed pointed to an external HDD which was later installed into my WHS 2011 machine. I never updated the configuration to point to the new location at the time since I hadn't loaded any new movies. After installing the Companion App on my Media Center machine I pointed YAMMM on my media center to the new shared location on the WHS, cleared out the YAMMM cache folder and deleted all of the metadata/movie posters from each movie folder so YAMMM could reload everything. That part seemed to work fine for the most part, with the exception of a few of the movie posters pulling in as foreign versions instead of English versions, and metadata/posters pulling in for old versions of movies instead of current ones(Arthur "1981" instead of Arthur "2011"). I'm not worried about those issues at the moment though.

What I'm inquiring about is the following:

1. It was stated in a prior post that the settings for YAMMM in the Companion App don't seem to carry over to YAMMM itself and I assume that will be fixed in a future update. I'm getting by this by directly using the YAMMM configuration program.

2. Movie folders don't seem to rename like they did in the prior version, even though I have the option selected in the configuration.

3. Often the YAMMM service will stop responding until I open the configuration, hit Save and Exit.

4. Turning on the option to rename files seems to cause the Cache XML to point to the wrong file name. I noticed this with the existing folders I had where the Cache data was recreated and contained a file name. When I created a new folder to get it ready to copy in a new movie, the XML in the Cache only shows the folder name and no file name.

5. Noticed an instance while having the file rename on, after copying in the movie to a new folder, the file renamed after the copy and seemed to create a duplicate movie to show up inside of Media Center.

6. Renaming a folder seems to create new Cache entry, but doesn't remove the old one.

7. I'm trying to understand if Media Center uses the metadata in each movie folder, whereas the Companion App uses the metadata from the YAMMM cache. Or if there is another cache somewhere that media center uses since I have to select which Users this applies to. I'm just trying to find a consistency and understanding of how YAMMM, the Companion App, and Media Center are all tied together to show the movie data.

8. Am I just not giving everything time to update? Does the YAMMM service run in 5 minute intervals for example?

9. Is there a way to get the correct metadata/posters to show up instead of foreign versions? Figured I might as well ask anyway.

I think I've covered most of the issues I ran into while playing with all of this today. It all kind of started because I tried to play a movie on my extender by selecting it with the app on my android phone. I kept getting a "file not found" error, but bypassing the app and selecting the movie on my extender the "old fashioned way" would work fine. I also had some movies that played just fine when I selected them with my phone. I realize that there are a lot of bugs to work out yet and I'm OK with that. Just want to make sure that I'm not missing something and banging my head for now reason. Sorry for the rambling and probably unclear statements. Just trying to get it all out there while it's still somewhat clear in my head.

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