A little confused in design...

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A little confused in design...


Post by grinchy » Sat Sep 08, 2012 3:48 pm

Hey guys - First, this app is great and love the capabilities it offers and the future roadmap looks great.

After a couple of days, I'm a little confused in the design of the app - if someone can clear this up, it may help. First - what's the design intent of the TV "Gallery" vs. "Recorded Television"? I find these two areas redundant, but this may be b/c I *only* have Recorded TV from WMC - no shows locally stored from other sources. That said, is the "Gallery" simply a collection of Recorded TV AND locally stored TV content (which I have none of)?

When I goto Gallery, I like how the Gallery will group things by title before showing the containing episodes (this is very similar to how I go to Recorded TV in WMC). However, the Gallery (currently) doesn't do a great job of properly sorting by Season so I have a bunch of things plopped in Season 0 with seemingly meaningless order (I assume due to lack of complete meta data); from here, I have no other sort options so it's not really usable.

When I go Recorded TV, it doesn't group things by Title - rather, it just loads everything as a list and sorts the individual episodes by date (or title). When you have *lots* of recordings, it makes this slow to navigate and you have to do a bunch of swipes to get anywhere. It just seems like the title grouping screen shown here would be helpful - and some more sorting options (but i've put that in the Feature request section).

Is anyone else finding that they're having to use both the Gallery and Recored TV areas for the same content? It just seems that these should be more similarly designed - or just have a Gallery with the option to show locally stored TV content (and eliminate Recorded TV all together).

Next question on Movies - is there a way to replicate the Movie Guide functionality in WMC within the Companion? The closest thing I see is "On Tonight" which really just shows movies from 6PM+. We use Movie Guide a LOT and love the "On Now", "On Next", etc. This may be a feature request, but wanted to make sure i'm not missing anything.

Sorry for the long post - hopefully it makes sense!

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