[All] HomeGroup networking being affected?

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[All] HomeGroup networking being affected?


Post by FrankAZ » Fri Sep 07, 2012 2:09 am

Not ready to point the finger on this yet, but curious if this or a similar issue has been seen by others. Symptoms were noticed moments after I installed the Ceton Companion server component on my HTPC and were not there the day before. I can recreate the symptoms almost at will by attempting to configure the Ceton Utility to use non-standard ports, but it needs a little bit of to-ing and fro-ing with configuration attempts rather than the symptoms showing instantly.

My Network (for completeness)
  • HTPC: Windows 7 WMC with Ceton InfiniTV4, Hauppauge 2250, Media Browser (2.6.1), My Channel Logos 2.0, other stuff....
  • Router: Netgear WNDR3700 with DD-with regard to firmware.
  • WHS (2003), as bought. Hosting initial Archived Recorded TV files before manual copy to Win 8. Also back-up back-up of family photos and media.
  • Windows 8 (RTM) machine with 16GB Storage Space containing shared folders for Recorded TV, optical disc rips, music, photos.
  • Other items on network: 2x Motorola Atrix phones; Logitech Squeezebox; TiVo S3; Replay TV; 2x Wii; 5-8 Windows 7 PCs (varying, work stuff); a Linux server (which is mostly off these days, as last night, but the NIC is still live).
Against my original intentions I am using HomeGroup to administer the sharing of media folders in my Windows 8 Storage Space since as soon as I try to use 'normal' IPv4 sharing network plummets to low MB/s. With HomeGroup taking over network traffic reading from the Windows 8 machine humms along at slightly more than 100MB/s. Often 102MB/s for prolonged periods sharing individual 1GB files.

When I attempt to set up external/internal non-standard ports on the Ceton Companion server component on my HTPC the attempt doesn't 'take'. Revisiting the screen shows weird permutations of the original and new ports for internal and external. After a while trying the same thing (yeah, Einstein's idiot) I find my network performance is back down to 5MB/s again. Running the 'Repair HomeGroup' wizard fixes it. Very repeatable, but I can't yet rule out something funky happening in the router. I do see a storm of network discovery traffic (1000s of unreplied messages in the router log) from multiple machines periodically, and I haven't had to take time to notice that before.

All my permanent devices have fixed IP addresses. IIPv4 and IPv6 enabled, though I ignore IPv6 except that I know HomeGroup uses it.

So..., is this an "ah ha! We know what that is. Stop looking for a solution because the update will be out tomorrow" event, or a "I dunno - we suspect the Windows 8 machine but it's up to you" event?.

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Post by Motz » Tue Sep 11, 2012 12:25 am

Sorry for the delay in response. I actually have a similar setup to you at home:
W7MC, Infinitv4, MCL2.0
WHS2011 (where I archive TV)

I do not have a windows 8 machine at home (only here to develop on). I can take a look at this in the next few nights though. Something to try though:

open up a command prompt in admin mode on your W7 MC PC

first try:
net stop yammmsvc
net stop cdatasvc

record stats

then: net start cdatasvc
record stats

net start yammmsvc

record stats...
Maybe this will give me some insight to where I can start looking.

Also how is AZ? I spent 2005-2011 in Phoenix before I moved to Seattle. I was just down there the last week of June and it was super hot, but I loved it.
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