Device discovery assumes same port on external IP

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Device discovery assumes same port on external IP


Post by TeddyR » Thu Sep 06, 2012 3:39 am

Minor item: [tested w/iOS app] When doing a device discovery in the companion app it, it locates the internal and external ip addresses. Since I use a different port for the external address, I modified the port in the companion settings and saved the settings. Then went on to configure the IOS app. The issue is that when the ios app is adding a device that has an external address is on a separate port than the internal, it assumes the default port as used by the internal address and does not seem to query the companion app for the port configured for the external port.

I can see this as being a potential issue if there are multiple WMC machines where if the user is not careful and notices it, the app may misbehave when outside. [The only way to support multiple WMC machines from the outside should be to have different external ports redirecting to the internal device]

edit: added following details:

HTPC: Windows 7 x64 MC
App: iOS
Device: iPad 2
ios ver: 5.1.1

Edit2: Confirmed same behavior with Android App
App: Android
Device: HP Touchpad
OS: Cyanogen mod9 [ICS] [4.0.4 / Aug 19 2012 nightly.
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