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Discuss My Media Center for Windows 8, Windows RT, iOS, Android, and WP, and ask Ceton for support.
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My Media Center FAQ


Post by Motz » Wed Aug 29, 2012 5:38 pm

Here is a list of FAQs. These will grow over time.

Q: What are the main features of the My Media Center?
A: My Media Center is the ultimate Windows Media Center Companion mobile app for Android, iOS, Windows 8, and Windows Phone.
  • TV and Movie Galleries - combing recorded and local content and grabs metadata for you automatically.
  • Manage and Schedule DVR Recordings
  • Universal Search - TV, Movies, Program Guide, and more
  • Play To any TV Set - Pick a piece of content ant playback to your PC or extender
  • Your Mobile is the Remote - Use your phone as a remote control for PC or extender
  • Manage multiple HTPCs in the house
  • Works inside or outside your house with remote access!
Q: Does My Media Center only work with the Q?
A: My Media Center will work with any Windows 7 or 8 Media Center PC with any tuner!.

Q: Does My Media Center work with non Ceton Tuners?
A: Absolutely! My Media Center mobile apps work with any tuner on any Windows 7 Media Center PC. You can even use My Media Center apps without a tuner if you only want to browse local content.

Q: Can I stream my recorded and live TV to my phone/tablet with My Media Center?
A: Currently we do not provide this functionality, however we do have it on the roadmap for future releases.

Q: What are the system requirements for the Ceton Companion Services?
A: The My Media Center Services have been tested on a plethora of systems from low end (AMD Fusion processors) to high end (i7 processors) and have worked great on all configurations.
  • Windows 7 (x86 or x64) or Windows 8 Pro (x86 or x64) with Media Center
  • .Net 4.0: downloadable from Microsoft
  • Compatible device running My Media Center
  • For Guide & Recordings features you will need any television tuner from any company.
Q: Do the My Media Center Services work on Windows 8?
Yes! If you are running Windows 8 Pro with Media Center then theMy Media Center Services are compatible with your system. Simply go to the My Media Center page and select "downloads" to find the Windows 8 installer.

Q: I have multiple HTPCs in my house can I connect to more than one?
A: Absolutely! Inside of My Media Center you have “PCs” and “Devices”
  • PCs are any HTPC in your house that are running the My Media Center Services. You can perform a Wi-Fi scan for these PCs and they will be stored in each of the Companion.
  • Devices are considered playback devices that your HTPC can talk to. These include the HTPC itself and also Media Center Extenders.
Once you select a PC and connect to it inside of the Companion when you attempt to playback any content or use the remote control you will be prompted to select the Device you wish to command.

Q: Can I use My Media Center outside of my house?
A: Absolutely! When you add your PC inside of the Companion you are required to fill in the internal IP/Hostname and port. Optionally you can enter an external IP/Hostname which will allow you to connect from outside of your house.

Q: Can I start playback on an extender?
A: Absolutely, when you press "watch" inside of My Media Center if your Extender is on and is in Media Center mode you will be presented with a screen that asks you where you would like to playback the content you selected. Simply select the extender you want to watch the content on and it will start playing.

Q: Is there a separate "HD" app for iPad?
A: My Media Center is a universal app that will work on your iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone.

Q: What about feature ______?
A: We are always working hard on new features for the Companion apps. Some things planned for future releases are: Music, Photos, Videos, and playback to phone. When we have an eta for these we will let you know.

Q: When will the companion be available on ______ tablet/phone?
A: We are always working hard on new platforms for the Companion apps. When we have an eta on new platforms we will let you know.

Q: What languages does the My Media Center Support?
Currently we are only translated in English, however the app is available to download in all markets. We would love to expand our translation library though and have started a community driven translations project at We would love to have anyone help in translating the apps.
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