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Signing off, thanks everyone!

Posted: Fri Mar 17, 2023 7:25 pm
by mcemike99
I've been using WMC for about a decade now with a 4 tuner Ceton. I used SageTV before that. I've got about 20 pages of various errors I've run into and documented. I recently ran into a new issue which blew away my tuners and Windows 7 was unable to find them. With all the headaches I've encountered I'd still go back to it if I could but the end of cable cards is near and the writing was on the wall. For anyone looking at alternatives I got a Roku and signed up for YouTube TV and use their app. It's interface sucks and is just as expensive as FIOS cable but has all the channels the wife needs. There's a ton of apps (Roku, pluto, PBS) with free content that I'd be happy with. I still use a Logitech 650 to switch my TV output back to my PC where I store my downloaded content and will probably run that off Kodi. Thanks everyone, especially EPG123 for keeping it alive for so long! :thumbup: