Comcast in Spanish

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Comcast in Spanish


Post by Crash2009 » Sun Mar 20, 2016 1:40 am

Was surfing through a few channels tonight on the STB. Was surprised to find some of them broadcasting in Spanish. Found out that if you bump the diamond shaped "D" button on the remote, you can change the language. It appeared that a few of my channels had the same problem, which suggests that the STB defaults may have been changed. Here is the fix.

Spanish Audio, No Audio, DVS, SAP (Secondary Audio Program)

If you are hearing Spanish-language audio, no audio, low audio, narraration on a channel (DVS), here are some things to check that are quick fixes:

- If you have a DTA (Digital Terminal Adapter - small cable box) and your remote control has a LANG button on it, press it.

- If you have an HD or SD full cable box:

Most low or no audio issues can be corrected by setting the Optimal Stereo output of the cable box. Here are the steps: Press the Menu button twice on your remote control. Select Setup. Select Audio Setup Under the Optimal Stereo setting, choose "Select to Optimize" and press OK/Select on the remote control

- The audio settings on your cable box may have accidentally been changed:

Press the Menu button twice on the Comcast remote control. A new screen below will appear, with the top-left option automatically selected.

Use the down-arrow key (above the Info button) to navigate to Setup and press OK/Select (the center key on the remote control in the middle of the 4 arrow/directional buttons).

Use the down-arrow key (above the Info button) to navigate to Audio setup and press OK/Select.

The Default Audio Track will default to the first option–Channel default–which which is always the channel’s main audio track (unless it was previously changed).

Press the right-arrow navigation key to change the audio track. Changing this selection will instantly change the audio.

1. Press once for English
2. Press twice for Spanish (Español) OR to activate Descriptive Video Description (DVS)
3. Press three times for French (Français)

4. Press four times for Portuguese (Portugues).
5. Then press the Exit button (above the Volume button) to resume program viewing

Please note: These audio options can only be heard if the program provider or cable channel is providing that additional audio option.

- If the above does not help, look at the remote control for your TV set (not your cable box) as the TVs language settings may have been accidentally changed (sometimes labeled as MTS or SAP on the remote or via your TVs settings menu).

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