Xfinity Stream App Now on Chromecast

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Xfinity Stream App Now on Chromecast


Post by joeer77 » Fri Aug 21, 2020 11:33 pm

I just learned that the Xfinity Stream App now has capability to live stream cable to Google Chromecast device using your phone. Quality looks excellent from testing. This has me rethinking my network setup. This essentially would let me:

1. Rent 1 less cable card from Comcast (I rent two)
2. Remove 1 Ceton Infinity TV tuner card (I have two) from HTPC
3. Remove need for Xbox 360s in other rooms. I would probably still leave them present for recorded TV watching.

Anyone ditching their hardware to rely on Chromecast for live viewing? I have 8 tuners now but maybe overkill with this new app feature. My fear is they could always decide later to kill stream feature.

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