HDHR Extend direct to PC (for power reasons....), but still on network.

Talk about setting up your home network.
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HDHR Extend direct to PC (for power reasons....), but still on network.


Post by tshephard » Sat Jun 13, 2020 1:10 am

Trying to get organized in a particular way for power/vacation reasons.
I am concentrating my network, and am close to being able to turn off the ONT, the router, and various stations and just have the HTPC with HDHR powered and UPS'ed during vacations for OTA.

I happen to like wired networks, and I have a Zbox with 2 network cards, E1, E2.

So, my scheme is to put the HDHR on E2, rest of network on E1.
I got a DHCP utility installed, E2 is now, and the HD is now assigned

I can 'browse' to and see the html menu stuff, operate it, etc.
This PC HDHR app can see tuner, channels, etc.

MY Rokus'/HDHR 'channels' (on the E1 network - 192.168.1.x) can not see the HDHR.

I would like to expose it to the rest of the network.

I suspect I have blocked this by following instructions.

I think I need to use something like for E2 and assign .251-255, and block these out from the network router's DHCP pool.
Subnet mask? - Been a long time since school....

Would giving E2 an address and a pool as above let the PC act like a switch and just nest right up into the existing router like a extending switch with DHCP?
Or do I set addresses manually, ditch the DHCP utility?
(I know I cut DHCP off in routers used as switches.
But as I read HDHR expects/NEEDS an assignment each time.
Can I put it on the router, force an address, and have it hold during move?
Thus E2 forced to, HDHR forced to, E1 auto assigned, and router pool absent above, say 250?)

Is the 169.254.x.x built into networking software, such that it's a law?
Any real problem on 192.168.1.X leading to Fios ONT?

A lot, I know!

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