WHS 2011 setup failure & solution

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WHS 2011 setup failure & solution


Post by jachin99 » Tue Jun 05, 2018 5:53 pm

For reasons that go beyond what I'm trying to accomplish here, I could not progress past 94 percent while installing WHS 2011 on one of my machines. Because of this, the dashboard application would not open, and Windows was giving me a message about how I had to reinstall Windows. To overcome this problem, I hit cntrl alt delete, and started explorer.exe to escape the setup wizard. After doing this, I clicked on the dashboard icon but got another message saying something to the effect of I cannot open the dashboard because setup is not complete. Navigating around windows, it looked to me like everything installed correctly, and there was some setting somewhere that had to be changed to tell windows my installation was complete. I believe I found this setting in the registry under HKLM\software\Microsoft\windows server\setup. I changed these three keys to these values:

ICStatus: Changed from 3 to 1
InProgress: From true to false
Progress: From 94 to 100

and now my dashboard opens normally :thumbup: If this works out well, I'll be pretty proud of myself because I pretty much just googled, and guessed at it!!

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