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[All Android] [9/23] V


Post by Motz » Sat Sep 22, 2012 5:44 pm

I condensed this for all android devices :)

Available on
Google Play
NOOK store
Amazon App Store

★★Please re-review for the latest version we would really appreciate it!!!★★

★ New UI Revamp
★ Added new search options for movies/recorded tv
★ Bug Fixes

V 1.3.5
★ Bug Fixes

V 1.3.3
★ Device/Extender Renaming
★ Screensaver fixes
★ UI & Bug Fixes

V 1.3.1
★ Fast Tune: Favorite your channels then tune to them quick
★ New Search & sharing options
★ UI & Bug Fixes

V 1.3.0 (Submitted 12/15)
★ Wake on LAN support
★ Sync Channels (in channels section)
★ Manually Refresh Recent Activity
★ Option to go to details when Random is pressed
✔ Load Scheduled Recordings Faster
✔ Fixes & UI Tweaks

V 1.2.8 (submitted 12/8/12)
✔Fix timeout issues
✔Fix remote issues
★Added dedicated prev. button on remote.

V 1.2.7 (Submitted 12/6-> Available on Google Play 12/6, Amazon: 12/7, NOOK: ?)
★ Number pad on remote
★ Play Random Movie/TV Episode Option
★ Tune channel from guide
★ Skip to channel in guide
✔ Bug fixes & UI tweaks

V 1.2.6
-Jelly Bean 4.2 fixes

V 1.2.5
-Various bug fixes

V 1.2.4
-Tablet Optimiztions
-Grid Guide Optimizations
-Ability to Adjust individual scheduled recordings pre and post padding
--Must update ceton companion services
-Channel Sync
-Lots of bug fixes and tweaks

V 1.2.2
-Fix for saving pre & post padding on series settings
-Series can now be sorted
-Fix for scheduled recordings details
-*Please update Companion Services for latest x86(32bit) remote control fixes*

V 1.2.1
-Automatic switching between internal/external
-New Watched & Closed Caption in Recorded TV Details
-Password support
-Guide Optimizations
-Bug Fixes & Stability Improvements
-x86 Android Devices Now Supported
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