DRM Issues with Premium Recorded Content Vista to Win 7

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DRM Issues with Premium Recorded Content Vista to Win 7


Post by Rgc101 » Mon Aug 24, 2015 3:57 pm

I recently upgraded a Vista media center PC to win 7. I could not get the guide to work in Vista despite all the suggestions here on this board. Unfortunately, I didn't realize the copy of windows 7 OEM that I purchased is not upgradable from a previous version of windows and that only the retail version is. Ugh. After the install, I lost all the premium recordings as expected. I thought I would try something. I went into the windows.old folder and copied the entire contents of the DRM folder to the new DRM folder in windows 7. Surprisingly, this worked for many recordings. Some still don't work however. As I don't know what any of these DRM files actually do, I was wondering if there is a better approach for this, other than using a bazooka approach like I did (ie: copy some files, but not others). As I am going for 100% recording recovery, does anyone have any suggestions?

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