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Re: Yeah! Ceton USB


Post by mcewinter » Sat Aug 20, 2011 2:29 pm

richard1980 wrote:
mcewinter wrote:The only time dollars per tuner really mattered to me is when the Ceton card was four hundred bucks. If they changed the price before SDs announcement it's likely that I would have one by now. Two Primes for five hundred or one six tuner device for the same price isn't unreasonable. Ceton owners make the point of having four tuners as if it were alot and talk down the Prime for only having three as if three tuners are useless.

Added: You are right though, at the end of the day they all (will) do the same thing with verly little difference in functionality.
I try not to talk down on any one particular device, as I appreciate what all of them do. That said, I also think the prices for all the devices should be somewhat aligned. Ceton and Hauppauge prices are aligned at about $75 per tuner, while SD is still $83 per tuner. IMO, SD needs to align prices with Ceton and Hauppauge. I said the same thing when SD first announced....I said Ceton should drop their price (at that time they were still $100 per tuner). I would expect SD and Ceton to be aligned and both devices to cost slightly more than the Hauppauge tuners, simply because of the added feature of network sharing. But if Ceton wants to match Hauppauge, I think SD should do the same.

As for the tuner counts, I personally prefer the highest number of tuners I can get with a single CableCARD....which just happens to be 4 and 1 with the InfiniTV. Additionally, 3 tuners is not enough for me....specifically because it takes 2 tuners to record back-to-back shows with appropriate padding, leaving only one tuner available. At a minimum, I need 4 tuners, although 6 is definitely better.
We are proof that each product has its place and the little differences really do matter. I didn't mean to talk down anything if that's what it sounded like. SD sold me on networked tuners back when the only way I could get QAM in MC2005 was with their product. At the time it made very little sense to me and now I wouldn't have it any other way. Although the the InfiniTV4 is networkable, it seems more logical IMO to locate it in a system that gets heavy usage and dedicate it to that system and supply other tuners to exterior systems wether it's a Prime or two or Ceton products. That's how I would equip a home that relies heavily on multiple tuners per location. I certainly wouldn't feel that I have enough tuners with only one tuner device for a whole house experience.

My wife and I watch the same TV shows and movies. There are moments that we watch in seperate rooms but it is rare and three digital tuners plus four QAM is a lot of tuners at least until our son gets a little older but I still don't see us outgrowing seven tuners anytime soon. If we recorded TV at all three of our HTPCs then I would certainly be looking at investing in more tuners, the one more tuner that the Ceton card offers would only be a minor band-aid when that moment comes.

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Post by lovemyram4x4 » Sat Sep 03, 2011 12:17 am

stonethecrows wrote:Nice!

Now if only they could start to manufacture the InfiniTV6 PCIe. I could do with 2 more tuners, and have no room for another InfiniTV4.

Jeremy! Hear my calls!!!!
Yeah that's what I've been hoping for since I got my InfiniTV4, though I do have room for a second I think 6 tuners would be enough and I'd prefer to get moneys worth out my cablecard rental fees. The Prime 6CC was a big disappointment being 2x3CC in 1 box.


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Post by erkotz » Sun Sep 04, 2011 12:19 am

stonethecrows wrote:Nice!

Now if only they could start to manufacture the InfiniTV6 PCIe. I could do with 2 more tuners, and have no room for another InfiniTV4.

Jeremy! Hear my calls!!!!
What, you mean you don't all have 6-tuner InfiniTV's cards yet? :twisted:
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