Tuning Adapter Delay and "No Signal"

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Tuning Adapter Delay and "No Signal"


Post by tardyturtle » Thu Aug 22, 2019 2:48 am

I will start out by saying that I have had many problems with tuning adapters before. Generally, this will manifest with intermittently not being able to tune a specific set of channels and getting a "no signal" error. Getting a new tuning adapter from Spectrum solves this problem.

I have also noticed that, even with a new, working tuning adapter, SDV channels require a slight delay before they will tune and the channel will display.

Commonly, I get an error that WMC could not record a scheduled recording because there was no signal/could not tune the channel. It will usually display the same error multiple times, but then I will see that the show was actually successfully recorded. What I presume is happening here is that a delay (or failure) of the tuning adapter's request for the channel leads to WMC concluding that there is no signal and failing to record, but after several retries, WMC eventually tunes the channel and is able to record, leading to the recording.

I am running a Ceton 4 PCIe with a Motorola tuning adapter provided by Spectrum (MTR700, I believe). My question is whether there are any settings I can tweak, such as giving additional time for the channel to tune, to fix this, or should I try to get a new tuning adapter (the current one is only several months old).

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