Need help identifying component on Infinitv 4 PCI-E PCB

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Need help identifying component on Infinitv 4 PCI-E PCB


Post by Gravydog » Mon Jan 01, 2018 10:19 pm

I have had my Infinitv 4 pci-e since I was on the waiting list at the rollout. It has been great and I love Media Center. The problem is that I stupidly let a HDMI cable fall onto the live card and I let the magic smoke out so it is dead now. The only visual problem is one SMD transistor is burned. I would like to attempt repair but the printing on the transistor was M273B and Google comes up empty on that. This particular component is labeled Q8 on the PC board. Is there any possibility that someone somehow has access to a schematic or knows someone with access? A very long shot, I know.

There are two or three others of this part on the board so I may have to remove one and try to find what type it is with a multimeter. Thanks for any ideas.

Rob Relf

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