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RecordingRestart disabled?

Posted: Sun Aug 02, 2020 1:18 am
by Space
I had recent PC "freeze" recently which I hope was a one-off, but this made me notice another issue...

I had noticed the PC was awake when it shouldn't have been, so I turned on the TV and there was no signal, also was unable to access via the LAN. I eventually did a hard reset and all seems good now, but there was a recording that was missed while the system was in this state.

It just so happened that a repeat of that episode was re-airing at the time I rebooted the system, however I noticed that the recording did not start until I started the WMC GUI (the system was up after the reboot for about 20 minutes before I started WMC).

So I looked in Task Scheduler and saw the task called RecordingRestart had not run since some time in 2018. I also noticed that it was "Disabled".

I am wondering if anyone else can look at this task and let me know if it is enabled or not. I think this is the task that would start recordings of in-progress shows, and I'm trying to figure out why the task was disabled.

Re: RecordingRestart disabled?

Posted: Sun Aug 02, 2020 2:14 am
by garyan2
All my systems are disabled, old VMs and new VMs. I believe that task will be enabled when there is an active recording and then disabled when recording is complete. It is only activated on system startup in case of power outage. [EDIT: Just verified]

I'm not sure what WMC logic is for starting a "missed" or "failed" recording... I think it would not record a missed program if it was also going to be incomplete due to late start. But, not sure why it would have started recording when you opened WMC either.

Re: RecordingRestart disabled?

Posted: Sun Aug 02, 2020 3:56 am
by Space
Yeah, it may be that this was designed only to handle crashes/reboots while in the middle of a recording.

My scenario is where the system hangs (or is down for any reason) when a recording was supposed to have started. It does not start the recording (mid show) when the system comes back up (if it is still in progress). Maybe they just didn't think of this scenario or decided if you missed the start of the program, there is no need to record the ending. Seems like just leaving the RecordingRestart enabled at all times would fix this issue, but I assume they were trying to be clever and only have the overhead of running this when it knew there was a scheduled recording in progress (so it only works if there is a power or other momentary failure that only lasts a few minutes).

I guess it kind of makes sense that you wouldn't necessarily want a partial recording of a show, and if there was a third airing of this episode it would have been fine (it would just have recorded the third, later airing).

Well, I'm glad to know, at least, that it is working as designed and there was not some strange issue that caused the task to be disabled.